Books on Casino Games

Guerrilla Gambling

by Frank Scoblete

The book by Frank Scoblete is one of the modern ones, and it contains only the latest data and details that are very important. This gambling book that teaches to play successfully and win much at the classic games is a good source of information for all gamblers, especially the land-based ones. In the book you can get much about effective systems and get useful gambling advice that will help you to stay longer at the table.

Gambling Online

by Angus Dunnington

This is one of the few books dedicated to Internet gambling that becomes more and more popular nowadays. As you understand, the book deals with the online gambling halls, gaming manufacturers and gives good advice for real masters and novices how to play smartly and reach better results while playing on the Net. The book is one of the most popular these days because online gambling becomes the best way to play the world's favorite games and earn money at Internet casinos.

Unofficial Guide to Casino Gambling

by Basil Nestor

This tutorial to gambling is one of the best books about casino games though not one of the up-to-date. The gambling book is especially useful for beginners and those players who dream to win much more than they used to. In the book you will get enough information that explains the basics of many games that you may try at local or Internet casinos. If you want to have a great start of your gambling career, you must choose this book.

Casino Gambling : A Winner's Guide to Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, and Casino Poker

by Jerry Patterson, Eric Nielsen, Christopher Pawlicki, Sharpshooter

This is considered to be one of the most comprehensive tutorials to gambling that covers the traditional casino games and give instructions how to win at the casinos table. The book will guide you to the effective gaming techniques that really can influence the play and increase the winning chances. The book is among the best ones for all beginners and professional players as it contains lots of information that will be new for each player. No matter what game you prefer, land or online blackjack, craps, baccarat, online roulette and poker, you can win with this casino guide.

109 Ways to Beat the Casinos: Short, Specific Tips That Make You a Winner from the Nation's Best Casino Gambling Writers

by Walter Thomason et al.

This book, published by five casino masters, is full of useful materials about various casino techniques and valuable advice that aim to decrease the casino advantage. As the book covers many casino games it contains the laconic however comprehensive gambling data that are very useful for not experienced players. Still it covers some of the basic strategies that will be surely new for even professional gamblers. Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about casino gaming from the real pros.

If you find the other books by these authors, we recommend to purchase them as you will surely use such books and benefit from the information and advice from the gambling experts.