Casino Strategy

It is possible to improve the play using many different methods and techniques that suit most casino games. However, most of them are not proven ones and are just the way to make money. Many cheaters these days try to sell winning systems and strategies that will help you not to lose. The gambling addicts really can trust these techniques but eventually they don't work. We would like to teach you gamble smartly that's why we offer the selection of the most trusted betting systems which are used by millions of players all around the world and help to play successfully not like the fake techniques.

In case someone wants to sell you any strange system and swears that it is absolutely effective, don't believe him. You must understand that if such system was available, all the casinos would lose constantly. This does not happen and all the casinos always have the edge over the players. The following gambling systems that were invented to master the game also will not make you the most successful gambler ever, still are aimed to help you gamble confidently and control the wins and losses when playing at slot machines and table games. So, let's familiarize with the most widespread gambling systems that can be applied at various games.

The betting systems are divided into two basic groups: negative and positive progression systems. It is possible to say that these are completely opposite to one another systems that are based on reverse idea of betting. Positive progression system states that the gambler must increase the bet every time he wins. According to Negative progression system, the player must increase the bet each time he loses.

Martingale Betting System

According to Martingale negative progression system, after each win the player pockets the winning and wagers the initial amount of chips. And after the player loses, he is to double his bet. These actions must be repeated regardless how many times the gambler wins or loses. Martingale strategy is usually used at the roulette table because it is quite effective in case of even money bets such as even/odd and red/black bets in roulette. It is also used successfully used by the player who prefer to play slots or card games.

D'Alenbert Betting System

D'Alenbert Betting System is one more negative progression system that states that the player has to raise the bet by one unit (one chip or any sum of money) after he loses and decrease the bet by one unit each time he wins. This betting strategy, which is considered to be invented by French scientist d'Alembert, is similar to Martingale system but is less aggressive. Both these systems allow the gambler to avoid losing any money from his bankroll after the series of wins.

Paroli Betting System

This system is positive progression system that is opposite to the already described. The system states that the player has to raise the original bet after he wins and decrease it after the losing bet. According to most gamblers who used Paroli betting system, it is not very successful because it can really help to win much when you are lucky. In all other situations this system mostly fails.

1-3-2-6 Betting System

According to this betting system the gambler is to follow the certain pattern when making the bets. So, at first he bets 1 unit, and then increases the betting amount to 3 units. In the new round the player bets 2 units and eventually raises the bet to 6 units. Then the pattern must be repeated. This system is based on the idea that the player surely wins in every four bets. You may practice this system at online free slots in the listed casinos. All in all, no matter what system you use, you must understand that it is very important to set the bankroll and never bust it.